PTPA Media Announces First-Ever Recipients of Santa Tested Santa Approved Certification

Santa Tested Santa Approved Seal

Top Awards Organization PTPA Media Inc. today reveals the first award recipients of a new and highly-coveted Seal of Approval: Santa Tested Santa Approved.

This Seal of Approval is the newest member of the PTPA family of certifications. This certification highlights great products specifically curated for the holiday season. Our winners have been selected by an enthusiastic group of consumers, chosen from our community of holiday-loving parents, in order to determine which products best capture the magic of the season and fulfill their shopping needs for the holidays.

Winning products were represented in a number of categories from prepared desserts to the perfect gifts for family, friends and even pets, there was something to be enjoyed by all.

Santa Tested Santa Approved Award Recipients

ALDI Baker’s Corner Bake Mix-In’s

ALDI Specially Selected Christmas Tree Brioche

ALDI Heart to Tail Holiday Pet Sweaters

ALDI Specially Selected Caramel Corn Nut Mix

ALDI Specially Selected Indulgent Popcorn Tins

ALDI Choceur Chocolate Coins

ALDI Lunch Buddies Holiday Fruit Snacks

ALDI Choceur Mini Chocolate Bars

ALDI Benton’s Peanut Butter Filled Cookies

ALDI Benton’s Gingerbread House

ALDI Bake House Creations Christmas Sugar Cookie Dough

ALDI Belmont Gourmet Cream Pies

ALDI Activ Energy 24 Pack Batteries

ALDI Friendly Farms Delightfully Pure Coffee Creamers

ALDI Benton’s Snowman Graham Snack Packs

How Winners Are Determined

Families across North America participate in the testing process, at no cost to them. They evaluate the products with their families in real life environments rather than simply conducting a consumer vote. Their feedback and evaluations are carefully tallied and curated, and products that meet their standards earn the coveted PTPA Seal of Approval, which can be leveraged on packaging, advertising, end-cap displays, and more. News of the victory is shared among our community of over 85,000 families. Independent research has confirmed that the PTPA Seal of Approval ranks among the top 3 most recognized seals in North America. (1)

About PTPA Media Inc.

“At PTPA Media, we are proud to play a role in certifying innovative products that families can trust,” says Sharon Vinderine,…

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