PureTech Health Exclusively Licenses Glyph Technology from Monash University to Harness Lymphatic Biology

BOSTON–()–PureTech Health plc (“PureTech Health” or the “Company”, LSE: PRTC), an
advanced, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced an
exclusive licensing agreement with Monash University for a lymphatic
targeting platform (the Glyph technology) based on the pioneering
research of Christopher Porter, Ph.D., Director of the Monash Institute
of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) at Monash University in Australia. The
Glyph technology is aimed at harnessing the biology of the lymphatic
system to develop novel therapeutics, including those that selectively
target certain lymph nodes. This program further builds on PureTech’s
leadership in identifying novel approaches to address dysfunctions of
the brain, immune and GI systems.

“The lymphatic system is a vastly underexplored circulatory network that
serves a fundamental role in maintaining physiological homeostasis and
immune control,” said Dr. Joseph Bolen, Chief Scientific Officer of
PureTech Health. “The Glyph technology represents a major advancement in
potentially enhancing transport and distribution of therapeutics via the
lymphatic system and targeting of certain lymph nodes. By addressing the
immune system at the sites of dysregulation and immune control, this
novel approach has the potential to radically transform the treatment of
serious disease.”

By virtue of its architecture and distribution throughout the body, the
lymphatic system potentially represents a key conduit for communicating
signals at the intersection of the immune-gut-brain axis. The Glyph
technology is designed to harness the biology of the lymphatic system
and the endogenous trafficking of compounds through this network to
develop novel drugs that bypass first-pass metabolism, improve oral
bioavailability, and significantly lower the risk of liver toxicity. In
particular, the mesenteric lymph nodes, proximal to the gut, are exposed
to a host of microbiome related species and serve an integral role in
immune education and control. Targeting the lymphatic pathway
potentially enables rational design of therapeutics to modulate the
immune system, representing an innovative approach to treating a broad
range of serious immunological disorders,…

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