Report: Seahawks ‘Expected to Face Consequences’ for Handling of Russell Wilson

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The Seattle Seahawks could be facing up to a $150,000 fine for violating the NFL‘s concussion protocol Thursday night in a 22-16 win over the Arizona Cardinalsaccording to Adam Schefter of

The team allowed quarterback Russell Wilson to re-enter the game without going through the league’s concussion protocol.

Per Schefter, “The Seahawks are expected to face consequences because once an official removed Wilson from the game to be examined, the star quarterback was required to go through the protocol, and he did not.”

The protocol dictates that Wilson should have gone to the locker room to be “cleared by a team doctor and an independent physician” before returning.

“A thorough review is underway,” the NFL said in a statement Friday morning, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “According to the policy jointed developed by the NFL and NFLPA, if the concussion protocol is not properly followed, the club is subject to discipline.”

“Interviews by NFL and NFLPA officials have not been conducted yet,” the NFL added on Sunday, per Ian Rapoport of “No conclusions have been reached.”

Referee Walt Anderson pulled Wilson off the field in the third quarter after he took a blow to the chin from linebacker Karlos Dansby. He remained out of the game for just one play, replacing Austin Davis before medical officials examined him.

“I’m fine,” Wilson insisted.

After the game, Wilson said he didn’t experience any concussion symptoms, according to Daniel Rapaport of Sports Illustrated:

“Well I got smacked in the jaw pretty good there. I wasn’t concussed or anything like that. I felt completely clear. I was just trying to feel my jaw, I was like ‘Aw man, it’s stuck.’ I think I was laying on the ground for a second just trying to feel my jaw and I think Walt [Anderson, the referee] thought maybe I was a little injured or something like that.

“I told him I was good, I was good and he said you got to come off. I think Walt did a great job, first of all. He made the smartest decision. I was fine, though. A hundred percent fine. And then I finally went over through the whole concussion stuff. We went through every question you can imagine. I answered even some more for them just so they knew I was good and then went back in there.”

Regardless, the team’s failure to follow the concussion protocol could result in a hefty fine.

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