Scam targets employees at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri

Springfield, Mo. — A new kind of scam is taking advantage of people who want to please their bosses.

Some employees at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri thought they were following their director’s orders when they bought into this latest criminal scheme.

“You know an email or a text message that says it’s your executive director you’re obviously going to respond to it,” Director of Administrative Operations, Sally Nail said.

That’s what employees here at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri have been dealing with.

They’ve been getting text messages and emails from someone pretending to be the Humane Society’s executive director, asking them to buy hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes cards.

“So our staff members responded to some of them as you would, as any employee would respond to a boss,” Nail said.

The text message asked the employee to buy the iTunes gift card and they would reimburse them when they got into work.

“By the time the employee got here with the iTunes gift card and went into the executive director’s office, she had no idea what was going on or even a part of it,” Nail said.

The scam is a newer one, but very effective.

“I know businesses companies and organizations get targeted all the time, I don’t think it was anything personal but it was an easy target when you’re posing as someone’s boss,” Nail said.

Now the Humane Society wants to warn everyone, in case the scam spreads into the community.

“If you’re getting emails and it looks even the slightest off or different phone numbers that are saying that they’re somebody that they might not be more because it was an easy, active, crime,” Nail said.

The Humane Society looked into it a little bit further to make sure its system hadn’t been hacked but it wasn’t the system, someone was just impersonating the director.

The organization hopes letting the community know about the incident will prevent it from happening again.

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