Senior Wildcats talk inspiration to succeed

May marks the end of the semester for each of us, however, this May marks a significant ending for this year’s seniors preparing to graduate. The Daily Wildcat took a moment to learn what inspired some of those among this year’s graduating class and how they’ve continually strived for their degrees amidst the craziness of college life that we are all personally familiar with.

Patricia Wilson-Everett, a senior majoring in French and psychology, said some big inspirations for her would be the different experiences she’s had because of college.

“One of the biggest inspirations in college is the Presbyterian Campus Ministry, since I’m a student intern,” Wilson-Everett said. “I’ve been able to see students grow both in their own college careers and in their faith.”

This experience has been a huge inspiration for her, she said. Wilson-Everett works as a crisis victim advocate with the Pima County Attorney’s Office and she said some inspiring moments have come from her work there.

“I’ve been to crisis calls where everything is a mess for a person,” Wilson-Everett said. “I guess in a way, it’s inspiring to see them overcome that, but also to see how my choices have kind of kept me from experiencing the same things they have.”

Wilson-Everett also said inspiration from family, friends and herself was also a factor in what kept her inspired throughout her four years of college thus far.

“Seeing my mom proud of me for my achievements in college inspires me to keep doing good and then I have to be inspired in myself in order to get through it and to get through it in a positive way,” she said. “Just seeing my own friends succeed is inspiring to do my best as well.”

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Wilson-Everett also affirmed that the biggest inspiration that has kept her motivated through college is what she will be able to do with her degree and future degrees.

“The main goal is to become educated enough so I can help other people with their struggles and if I lose that inspiration, then I’m not going to want to finish,” she said. “So, ultimately, [the] biggest inspiration is everyone out there that I might be able to reach.”

Cayleigh Mackenzie, a senior majoring in chemical engineering, will be another student among this year’s graduating class.

She recalled that her initial inspiration was the first time she took a chemical engineering course.

“I entered college orientation as a chemistry major, but the first day of classes I knew I wanted to be a chemical engineer,” Mackenzie said. “I wasn’t able to be in the College of Engineering, since I’d already declared in the College of Science until junior year of university; so, I took my first chemical…

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