Separately but equally, Trump and Netanyahu undermine the law to escape prosecution – Israel News

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are as different as night and day, mostly in Netanyahu’s favor. Nonetheless, their paths are intertwined in ways that often seem uncanny. 48 hours after Robert Mueller put his hands on one of Trump’s closest advisers Michael Flynn, the Israeli police dragged in Netanyahu’s most visible advocate, David Bitan, for questioning. Coincidence? Of course. Symbolic? Definitely.

True, the subject of Bitan’s interrogation is unconnected to the ongoing investigations against Netanyahu, unlike the confession of Trump’s former National Security Adviser, which seems to be bringing Mueller ever closer to the door of the Oval Office. But both leaders feel the legal noose tightening around their necks; both view their predicament as the product of a sinister plot hatched by rivals; and both intend to fight tooth and nail to escape indictment, even if their battle will scar their countries democracies and undermine their rule of law.

For both, a Middle East peace process could mitigate their ordeal. The same Jared Kushner who is said to be next on Mueller’s hit list appeared on Sunday at the Saban Forum as the grand guru of Middle East peacemaking. Although right wingers have long embraced Kushner as one of their own, the chances that the Trump administration could actually produce a workable formula for peace is Kushner’s only visible venture that might make others regret his…

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