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Shah Rukh Khan's 'Fan' Dives into the Dark Psychology of the Actor-Fan Relationship –

Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated movie “Fan’s” trailer  amidst 4000 fans at the Yash Raj Films studio in Mumbai on Feb 29, and the movie looks like one hell of a psycho-thriller. In a one-of-a-kind promotional event, blockbuster production house YRF opened the doors to its coveted studios to let SRK-lovers right in and spend time with their favorite superstar as he unveiled the trailer.

“Fan” looks like the complete opposite of the sweet, nuanced actor-fan relationship movie we expected. Based on all the previously released teasers and the peppy track “Jabra Fan,” we expected to see SRK in a light-hearted, emotional role. We’re luckier than that, though, because Khan is back to his earlier route in what looks like a super edgy, cat-and-mouse chase type of a film. Gaurav (played by Khan) is a small town hero who looks eerily like his beloved actor Aryan Khanna (also played by Khan). Since his childhood, Gaurav has believed that he shares a special connection with Aryan and becomes truly devoted to him by making sure his room’s walls are covered only with posters and pictures of Aryan. His family obviously thinks he’s crazy but Gaurav doesn’t let that deter his love and visits Mumbai in the hopes of meeting his icon. Aryan (just like real-life SRK) greets his fans from the balcony of his home and that’s when Gaurav witnesses live his favorite star for the first time…and loses it! Before you know it, this devotion turns into a kind of madness and obsession. The trailer gives us the first glimpse of the downfall Gaurav faces, unlike the previous bubbly version of him we’ve seen. The highlight of the trailer is the interaction between Gaurav and Aryan as they face-off, first with words and then quite literally, through violence. The trailer also brings to light the tremendous work SRK has put in to look like a younger, shadier doppelganger version of himself alongside his ruggedly handsome actor Aryan. The trailer becomes intense and scary as Gaurav begins to unravel when he faces rejection from Aryan. At the same time, Aryan begins hunting down his biggest fan when he starts getting more and more dangerous, leading to the aforementioned cat-and-mouse chase.

Clearly, the story and the actor are doing a fine job because, despite the evil facade, we feel emotional and even sorry for Gaurav because deep down he wants only five minutes with his idol. If a movie trailer gives you the creeps and makes you emotional at the same time, obviously something is done right. With “Fan”, SRK not only resumes a “Duplicate” style good and evil persona but also returns to his negative action style from his 90′s hits “Darr,” “Baazigar,” and “Anjaam.” Khan, and all of his fans have a lot riding on this movie. Honestly, 15 April could not get here any sooner.

April could not get here any sooner.