Shrinkage is Hilarious Political Science Fiction

The political front can feel a tad bizarre at times, almost out of this world. I mean, think about it. Have you ever wondered if something beyond our laws, legislation, and well being is discussed behind the walls of the White House? How about if this scenario went beyond that, and it involved nano-aliens that consume radiation and might be taking over the President of the United States of America’s mind?!

Well, five-time Emmy award-winning writer Rob Kutner has!  So much so that he successfully Kickstarted Shrinkage and raised $30,000 for the project. This insane tale is a mad twist between the early Body Wars ride at Epcot Center and a 30’s science fiction story.

We learn early in the book that a microscopic organism that is not from this planet has taken over the President’s brain and is absorbing massive amounts of radiation. Its goal is to nuke our planet and have a feed frenzy. A dysfunctional neuroscientist and disgruntled war general have been chosen to be shrunken down and save us all from total destruction. Strangely enough, that’s not the oddest part of the book. What does go on behind the walls of the White House is almost even madder than that cheesy sci-fi trope. The schmuck of a Vice President cannot even give his job away, while the First Lady is just trying to hold everything together and get her rocks off. Public Relations is poorly saving face for the missing POTUS while the media devours every drop.

Kutner’s past of writing on shows like Conan and The Daily Show makes the material laughably relatable. Chosen to draw out the insanity was none other than X-Men and Deadpool artist, John Lucas. His art style here almost mimics that of a political comic. The General’s face, when frustrated, becomes extremely scrunched into the center and redder than an apple, with help from colorist Mark Englert. Pantsuit ends and fingers pointing out objections are elongated and dramatic. All perfect for this type of story! I found myself having to put book the book down to laugh away a handful of jokes. It makes you wonder if Kutner’s been saving some gems in his back pocket for his own political funny project.

The insanity in this book grows and grows until the last issue when it fully delivers on many levels. The risks are high, and the tensions are higher!

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