Siblings to be Showcased at Life Force Arts, Chicago Reminds Artist Sujata Tibrewala of How Earth is a Family and All Living Beings its Children

Siblings: Sharing responsibility holds the key of saving the planet

Who fights for the Planet ?

Humans share almost (60%) of the genes with a Banana plant (National Genome Research Institute, This realization along with the fact that humans also live on the same planet, breathe the same air and consume the same water and food, should make the mankind feel part of a whole big family. But instead humanity has created a hierarchy of plants, animals, humans (in that increasing order) and borders among nations. Artist Sujata Tibrewala dreams of a day when earth is borderless and humans live as part of nature and not as someone who just consumes it. It is this dream of hers in the form of “Siblings” that is being displayed at Life Force Arts.

What would an alien see when they come to visit the blue planet, humans fighting each other, destroying their own home. This perspective presented by Carl Sagan, inspired Artist Sujata Tibrewala to look deeper into her own relation with the planet. She has made many imaginary flights to space and dreams of all of its citizens seeing it from space. Because like many astronauts she feels looking at earth from above changes one’s perspective. This is the perspective Sujata is trying to bring to her art “Siblings” to be displayed at Life Force Arts’ upcoming exhibit.

From space earth looks one whole. Boundaries, or borders are not visible. All one sees is the colors of the trees, land, water and the clouds. All of these elements make the earth look a brilliant blue marble with dashes of green, white and brown. If one does some research, one would find that the conditions found living on earth are nowhere else within distances which mankind can reach today or near future. In that sense, we are living on a lonely planet with no neighbors, and this should make us look inwards, on how we are treating our own home.

Do we consider the other living beings as our siblings? Are we bothered about if they are getting what they need from our common mother, the earth, because our survival depends on them? As someone rightly said, Earth is infinite, it will always be there, what will be destroyed is us, and it will be from our own actions.

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