Spokane family’s skis don’t get a month of rest

Maks Page set a far-flung goal last year on his 12th birthday. He wanted to ski at least once during each of the 12 months of his 12th year.

His dad jumped at Maks’s challenge as they finished a summer ski run in Glacier National Park. So did his brother Owen, who was 9 at the time.

That goal has been reached – and then exceeded. Proving they’re overachievers, the Spokane skiers recently carved turns down a Mount Rainier snowfield as Maks checked off the 14th consecutive month he has skied at least once. For Owen, it was month nine.

“Skiing is in our blood,” said their dad, TR Page, a Spokane firefighter.

They were headed to Glacier Park for a camping trip last summer when they heard there was snow lingering at Logan Pass. “I told the boys we should bring our skis and see what we could get ourselves into,” he said. “Turns out, we got into a lot of fun.”

Summer bliss on skis in the midst of unmatched scenery spawned Maks’s dream. He realized skiing didn’t have to be a seasonal sport.

The Pages have season lift passes at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, and Mount Spokane is in their back yard to give them easy access to making ski runs for seven months.

“But we love backcountry skiing,” TR added, noting that they trekked in and skied off Mount Roothaan east of Priest Lake this year.

They set their sights farther and higher to pick up turns in the warmer months, each trip requiring muscle-power ascents.

“Maks and Owen plan the trips and figure out where they want to go, and they’re always thinking ahead to the next month, what they need to bring and how to travel efficiently,” TR said.

They’ve come to look at altitude gain as a positive experience.

“We say the higher you climb, the more you get to ski down,” TR said.

They traveled to snowfields at Mount Hood in Oregon and also to Washington Pass off the North Cascades Highway in Washington.

The Pages were back in Glacier Park in July to celebrate Maks’ 13th birthday and the 13th consecutive month of skiing adventures.

Last week they continued the streak by launching a trip from Paradise on Mount Rainier.

“When they’re in the parking lot and packing all the stuff they have to carry in, they get asked a lot of questions,” TR said. “They meet a lot of people.

“There’s always snow at Rainier. But in August you have to hike in and carry your skis 2.5 miles before you get to where you can ski. Sometimes the snow…

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