Staging Advice For Homeowners Who Are Trying To Sell Fast

Nearly 500,000 homes are sold in the country every single year. This number has been rising steadily although it sometimes drops when compared to the same months in the previous year. Between 4 percent and 6 percent of people will be purchasing a new home in the next 12 months. Nearly 66 percent of these potential buyers are looking for a home that has been previously occupied. One of the ways that homeowners can help real estate agents to sell a home is to stage the property. This means preparing it for viewing by potential buyers. Several tips will help homeowners who are staging a property.

Remove Personal Items

One of the first steps when staging a home is to remove all personal items from the house. This includes pictures of family, homemade mementos and items that identify the family or people living in the home. The only items on display should be generic. This is because seeing personal items in a home will change the way some buyers see the house. It can be alienating in some instances. The purpose of staging is to allow the buyer to see the space as if it were his or her own. Items that are reminders of the current residents defeat this goal.

Create Open Spaces

Everyone has a different style and a different preferred way to arrange a home. It is important to create open spaces in the house and to remove items that detract from the space or create clutter. All extra items and unnecessary pieces of furniture should be placed in storage or sold. Shelves should be kept sparsely populated. A bookshelf that is full of books will make a room seem small and busy. It is also helpful to align furniture in a symmetrical way. This is simple and allows anyone viewing the house to envision the space differently.

Keep Essential Items Mobile

Families who are staying in a home while it is being shown to potential buyers will want to keep essential items in or near a container. This will allow anyone who is at home to quickly pack away personal items so that they do not detract from the staging. It will only take a few minutes to pack all of the items into a container and then place that container into a closet.

Repair Visible Damage

Any visible damage in the house should be repaired. This includes new damage that occurs between showings. People viewing the house will assume that the current owners have taken every effort to show the house in the best light. The appearance of one or more pieces of damage could have exaggerated meaning in this situation. A small hole…

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