Swedish hockey legend Börje Salming is still all about winning – finding bargains on

He is a living legend. Until this day, 23 years after he quit playing hockey, people still turn their head when they meet him on the streets. But unlike in Canada during his career, they usually don’t get a neck injury.

As a 6 year old, after his father died in a tragic mining accident, he took his first steps on the ice. He stayed there for 42 years.

His importance for Swedish hockey can hardly be overestimated. Börje Salming was scouted by Toronto Maple Leafs in 1973 when he was a promising player in Brynäs. In Canada, he reached legendary status after 16 succesful seasons, before leaving for Detroit Red Wings during the last year of his career. “The King” made 836 points in 1 229 games.

“The guys in the team had this joke. They thought I should be the king of Sweden, considering my performance on the ice. I tried to explain humbly that we already have a king named Carl Gustaf.”

Börje Salming is now 66 years old and has stepped down from his work at the clothing brand named after him. He spends a lot of his time following his new passion – the stock market.

Swedish companies preparing an IPO ask him from time to time, if he wants to be a so-called cornerstone investor. It is clear that his name in the IPO prospect, will result in more attention and media coverage.

“I think you have to do your research about the companies, be interested and really understand their business and not only rely on what others say. It is fun to invest in stuff you believe in and products that will help a lot of people.”

Earlier this year, Salming went in with money and was the poster boy when Bioservo went public. The Swedish medtech company has developed a technology that helps people with a weakened grip to get new strength in their hands.

“When I got to try the glove to grip a drinking glass on a table I made the decision. The robot glove is a fantastic innovation”, he says.

Salming was also an early investor in the health startup Frisq’s IPO last year.

“With Frisq’s app I have all my personal medical information in my mobile phone. It is damn convenient when you’re getting old and fragile, otherwise you have to listen to the doctor.”

Salming says that his investments add excitement to the everyday life as a retiree. He checks his holdings at least twice a day or “when he does not have other things to do”.

During recent years, Börje Salming has sold off the most of his holdings international holdings, for example the…

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