Teen girl who suffered such bad acne she wouldn’t leave the house is now a BEAUTY QUEEN


Emma Pollard, now 18, suffered for years with breakouts so extreme that she wouldn’t leave the house

A TEENAGER who suffered from acne so debilitating she wouldn’t leave the house has overcome the condition – to become a BEAUTY QUEEN.

Emma Pollard, now 18, suffered for years with breakouts so extreme that she wouldn’t even to go to the corner shop without a full face of make-up on.


Emma’s acne got so bad that she was scared to leave the house without a full face

But after trying every lotion and cream on the market – and even covering up her spots with thick stage make-up – she plucked up the courage to visit her GP and was prescribed tablets.

It gave the pretty teen the confidence to enter herself into her local beauty pageant, despite still battling acne.

She sailed through the competition and was crowned Miss Shropshire – and is now set to compete in the Miss England finals next month.

Emma, who has now overcome her acne but still has small scars, is speaking out to give other sufferers the courage to follow their dreams as part of Acne Awareness month.

The college student from Edgeley, Shropshire, said: “It’s strange having everyone look at me and not having to worry ‘are they looking at my face’.

“I’m smiling more and I’m just happy.”


Now Emma barely has any scars, and is a competition-winning beauty queen

Now, when she looks at photos of herself, Emma can hardly believe how different she looks.

She adds: “I never thought that I could become a beauty queen, but with hindsight I can look back and know that it is not the end of the world.

“Acne is just an infection on my face that I can deal with, and on stage I am still the same person inside.”

Bubbly Emma developed extreme acne when she was around 14, bringing her down when she started going out and wearing more make-up.


Emma’s acne came on when she was just 14, making her feel low and insecure


Emma won Miss Shropshire after finding new confidence and overcoming her condition

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