Texas teen’s acne Instagram pictures go viral

A Texas teenager’s incredible before and after images showcasing how her skin transformed after she started using one particular acne treatment have gone viral.  

Michelle Hoang, 16, from Houston, took to Instagram to share the revealing snaps, with the first showing her cheek covered in swollen red blemishes, while the other – taken just one month later – captures an almost completely-clear and glowing complexion.  

And far from having to go through a series of painful, or even expensive, treatments and procedures in order to achieve the results, Michelle insists that her remarkable transformation is down to just one budget-friendly cream, which costs less than $25, and which she believes is responsible for clearing up all the painful-looking ‘bumps’ on her cheeks and forehead.

Transformation: A before and after photo posted on Instagram by Michelle Hoang, 16, from Houston, Texas, has gone viral after it showed how her acne cleared up in just one month 

Fresh faced: The teenager, who now happily posts images of her skin looking incredibly clear and glowing, says that the transformation was the result of just one budget-friendly product

Then and now: The incredible change in Michelle’s skin over the course of just four weeks has captivated social media users

Budget beauty: Michelle says that she used the Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream to clear up her blemishes, which costs just $24.95 a pot

Naming the product as the Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream, the teen credited it with helping to totally transform her skin, leaving her feeling much more confident about her appearance than ever before.

Viral: Since posting her before and after picture on October 16, Michelle’s post has received over 27,000 likes and over 500 comments 

She added: ‘I like how it doesn’t dry my skin out and it leaves my skin so moisturized and smooth. This works on all skin types too. But if you’re wondering, I have oily acne prone skin.’

She also added that she was not sponsored by the brand and that her post was not an ad, and that she simply wanted to ‘thank this product enough for clearing all my forehead bumps and also bumps all over my cheeks.’ 

Before discovering her now-go-to product, Michelle had shared on Twitter back in September that she was seeing some improvements to her…

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