The 15 phone apps that could make your life a whole lot happier

Many relationships have come to an end after a spot of bickering turns ugly in the heat of the moment.

But the answer could soon be in the palm of your hands thanks to a new phone app which will alert partners to a potential row by analysing the language being used. We all know the apps for National Rail , Google Maps and Uber but there are dozens more to help you in all sorts of ways.

We’ve found 15 ways to help you to a happier life – and they are all free, except YNAB which is £3.50 a month or £35 a year.


Always forgetting your passwords? This app generates strong, unguessable passwords for all your accounts, which it then stores for you – meaning you only have to remember the one to get you into the app, or use fingerprint recognition.

You can also store your credit card details and logins for various wireless network accounts.

Family Locator

Keep your children safe or let your entire family know your whereabouts via GPS. Also allows parents to set danger zones which they will be altered to if children get close.


Flush can help when you’re caught short

When nature calls, Flush will prevent the frantic rush to find a suitable place to do your business.

The app has listings for more than 100,000 public toilets, including information on disability access, key requirements and user reviews.


Find the nearest petrol pumps to you but also the best prices from 50,000 stations across the UK. Browse the map, click a station to view prices – or update. Saves you time so don’t have to drive around looking for the cheapest fuel.


If you have to walk home alone at night, let friends and family know you’re safe. Enter the destination and add a friend, and they can follow you all the way. If you start running or drop your phone, the app will ask if you are OK and if you don’t respond it will text your pal.


Hopper helps you get the best prices on flights

What sets Hopper apart from other flight-booking apps is not only does it let you book on your phone, it tells you when to do it, and how to get the best price and the biggest savings.

Once you’ve searched for a flight, the app will let you know whether to wait or buy. If it’s best to wait, it will send you a notification the moment the price drops.


A weather forecast with a difference. Instead of showing just the conditions, this helpful guide will let you know what clothing to wear. If you need a jumper, jacket or coat today, tonight or tomorrow, or your sunnies or an umbrella, it will tell you through a helpful illustration.


Gain control of your money with YNAB

Gain control of your money with this app, which claims it can save the average user around £2,326 in nine months.

Users divide their income into separate pots, such as rent or groceries, when they get paid, and every pound is accounted for.

If you over – or under – spend in an…

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