The Latest Trend For The 2017 Holiday Season


The holidays are almost here, and shoppers are on the prowl for unique and different holiday gifts for their family and friends. But, this year it’s different. Tired of giving the same old thing year after year, shoppers are becoming savvier in their hunt for the perfect gift.

With online and retail stores all peddling the same stuff every holiday season, buyers are turning to up-and-coming businesses to get the latest and greatest presents. And it’s companies like Six Pack Fitness that are reaping the benefit of “same old present fatigue”.

“Sales have been great,” Gera Rivkin Chief Executive Officer at Six Pack Fitness said in a recent interview. “But we’re seeing the beginnings of a massive Q4 because gift givers are discovering our products are something new and different that their friends and family haven’t seen before.”

He continued on, “And the other advantage we have over the holiday competition is the fact that our business isn’t just awesome products, our brand is a lifestyle! Buyers are seeing that, wanting to join with us, and wanting to give our bags as a present to invite their friends to participate in what we’re doing. It’s almost like an underground movement, and that’s the coolest part about it!”

As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season approach, don’t be surprised as buyers ditch the traditional shopping routine and give their dollars to companies like Six Pack Fitness and other emerging companies that offer high-quality and unique presents you can’t find anywhere else. And throw on top of that the fact that these newer companies and brands are more relatable and connected to their audiences; don’t be surprised if big box stores start feeling the impact this holiday season.

About the Six Pack Fitness

Six Pack Fitness creates iconic bags, luggage, and meal management travel gear for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They provide stylish and innovative solutions for those who live and breathe fitness. Designed to keep every athlete organized and prepared, Six Pack bags help you focus on training hard, eating right, and living fit.


Gera Rivkin

Chief Executive Officer – Six Pack Fitness

1999 Harrison St., Suite 2675

Oakland, CA, 94612

(415) 265-4405

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