The Women In Trucking Association & Expediter Services Announce Program Aimed At Developing 150 Women-Owned Businesses Over Next 12 Months

“We have been working for some time now to put the financing, operational support and infrastructure in place that can serve as a strong springboard for the launch and growth of 150 new women-owned small businesses over the next year,” said Williams.

Women In Trucking President & CEO Ellen Voie, in her annual presentation during the organization’s Accelerate! Conference & Expo, today announced an innovative new program that will serve as a platform to assist in establishing 150 new women-owned small businesses within in the transportation sector over the next 12 months. The program – developed as part of a strategic partnership with Expediter Services, one of the industry’s leading providers of capacity – will offer accessible financing as well as operational and business support for women interested in entering the trucking industry.

The goal of the new program from Women In Trucking (WIT), as Voie noted in her presentation at the conference, is focused on key areas of need within the trucking industry. The program, in utilizing infrastructure developed through the expertise of Expediter Services, offers a proven platform for women who are interested in learning about and growing within the trucking industry. The women in the program will be on a path to establishing their own small businesses as owner-operators and fleet owners in a market that now has a driver shortage approaching 50,000, according to the latest industry estimates.

WIT’s new program also offers a strong solution in a challenging driver market for carriers seeking capacity growth to meet the increasing shipping needs of customers. As part of her presentation at Accelerate!, Voie issued a challenge to the carriers attending the annual WIT conference and to carriers across the industry. In considering the number of small businesses and owner-operators WIT’s new program seeks to develop over the next year, Voie challenged carriers to help create opportunities for these women entrepreneurs by utilizing their services as a way to address capacity needs.

Expediter Services President Jason Williams, a WIT Board of Directors Member and a participant in a panel discussion following Voie’s presentation, announced on Tuesday that Panther Premium…

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