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Art Walk takes place from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 2. Many of the artists are to be on hand to talk about their work throughout the evening.

The artists of Bee’s Knees Tattooing are to open their private studio to visitors during Art Walk. The evening includes a live tattooing event as well as an art show and reception. Artists Cassidy Muckleston and Gin Grímsdóttir are to be available to book clients at the event.

Muckleston founded Bee’s Knees three years ago. She has a background in abstract painting, studied anthroposophy and has a bachelor’s degree in art. Her current focus is tattooing as a spiritual and transformative process. Her tattoo work primarily (but not limited to) features natural themes and lush botanicals, and can be seen on many locals and visitors.

Grímsdóttir works as an illustrator, designer and craftsperson as well as licensed apprenticed tattooist at Bee’s Knees. Her work can be viewed on bulletin boards, band shirts and shop windows throughout Port Townsend. Grímsdóttir describes her work as “primarily figurative, dreamlike, meticulously detailed, and laced with body horror, mythical archetypes and chimeric entities.”

Gallery 9, 1012 Water St.

Gallery 9 celebrates boats during the month of September with work by painter Michael Hale and baidarka (kayak) builder Mitch Poling.

Hale, whose work has been featured on several Wooden Boat Festival posters, is known for his large-scale paintings of wooden boats in harbor and on the water. “I paint boat paintings because I love their architecture,” said Hale. “We live in an area where boats are really appreciated, and it’s my way of showing that appreciation.”

Poling learned to paddle in the traditional three-man baidarka in Alaska, and spent many hours alongside his father in the boathouse where they were built. His boats are built with the traditional sinew lashings and with a nylon covering, which resembles the original material of translucent sealskin. “The baidarkas have evolved over thousands of years, and seem almost alive,” Poling said. “Paddling one is like becoming a sea mammal, a very special experience.”


Northwind Arts Center, 701 Water St.

Northwind Arts Center presents “Floating Steel/Flying Sparks,” featuring large-scale industrial photographs by Harry von…

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