This Week In Surfing: Now The Aus Leg Is Done Who’ll Win The Titles? Plus A New Dane Clip!

21 Apr 2017

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Jordy Smith with what will be one of the most remembered claims of all time.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was April 14, 2017 

1. Jordy Wins Bells, John John Wins The Australian Leg

A thousand years from now, when the digital archeologists are given the inevitable and super important task of trying to work out who Jordy Smith was, all they’ll need to do is watch this one clip, and witness this one wave, and they will know everything there is to know about Jordy. The brilliance, the power, the smoothness of high velocity surfing perfectly in rhythm with one of the hardest waves to get in sync with in the world, and then, of course, the audacity of the claim, ringing a pretend bell with a full 16 minutes left on the clock. Wasn’t that wild? There’s some folkloric laws around the Bells trophy: it can only be rung by a past winner, and if some plebian does go ahead and rings it, the event will be cursed with awful waves, so it’s said. But what are the rules around ringing a pretend Bells trophy before it’s been won? Will it curse pretend events in the future?

Anyway, Jordy Smith, who has long held the title as the best surfer at Bells to have never won there can finally shake that backhanded compliment off and let John John Florence pick it up. Is John John the best Bells surfer out there now that hasn’t won it? Should we add that to his title of best Pipe surfer to not be a Pipe Master?

Or how about Zeke Lau, a guy who’s reportedly never been to the wave and throughout the event looked more and more like a man who was meant to win it, in fact, with every heat he looked more and more like a man who won it three times. The comparisons between him and Sunny are boring in their obviousness, both being powerful native Hawaiians. But Sunny is the best Hawaiian to surf Bells in the pro surf era, having won it three times, and despite their being a bunch of Hawaiians who have felt right at home in the bowl since Sunny first took it out in 1995, the legacy has certainly been passed down to one Mr. Zeke Lau. But enough about Zeke, this was Jordy’s time, and he closed out the Australian leg with a dominant win at a place that has haunted him with close losses. Congratulations to Jordy.

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