Ticks Are Still A Danger during the Fall Season; Giroud Tree and Lawn Urges Families to Take a 3 Step Approach for Tick Control and Safety

Tick bites are dangerous and it’s important to remove ticks as quickly as possible. Giroud Tree and Lawn’s Rob Nagy, shows how small ticks are in comparison to items like a pinhead and a dime.

Tick protection starts with controlling ticks in the yard, the place where everyone spends the most time outdoors.

With the shift towards cooler temperatures, many people think it’s safe to stop worrying about ticks. Not true! In Giroud Tree and Lawn’s recent blog post “Tick Season Isn’t Over, Caution Still Needed,” the company warns that ticks are still active and that means people need to be on guard. Giroud outlines the 3 Steps for Tick Control and Safety to protect family members and pets from ticks.

The need for continued vigilance around ticks is underscored in a recent news article by Jerry Carino, Staff Writer at USA Today’s App.com. The article reviews the explosion of tick borne diseases and includes a quote from Patricia Smith, president of the Lyme Disease Association: “You can get bitten by a tick year-round. Unfortunately, now we know the ticks can be active when it’s above freezing.”

In it’s blog post which includes 3 Steps for Tick Control and Safety, Giroud Tree and Lawn takes a comprehensive look at the tick problem and breaks down the most important actions families need to take. “Tick protection starts with controlling ticks in the yard, the place where everyone spends the most time outdoors,” says Lou Giroud, President and ISA Certified Arborist at Giroud Tree and Lawn. “However, families must take additional precautions by checking for ticks after outdoor activities and if discovered quickly removing ticks before disease can be spread.”

Here are Giroud Tree and Lawn’s 3 Steps to Tick Control and Safety

1.    Controlling ticks in the yard: The best way to control ticks is to target where the pests live. Ticks like the shade and seek protection from the sun in ground level vegetation. Favorite hiding spots include high grasses, underbrush, shrubs and wooded areas. Here’s what Giroud Tree and Lawn does to control this dangerous pest in the yard:

  •     Tick Risk Evaluation: Complete a risk assessment of the yard to identify tick…

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