Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Tips For Safe Viewing

The total solar eclipse that is going to take place in the current year is such that there are some precautionary measures for the crowds of viewers. They had best follow these tips for the best experience that is safe and secure since no one wants to damage their eyesight while viewing the solar eclipse of 2017. 

The fact of the matter is that anyone could lose his or her eyesight watching the sun without proper protection. On August 21st, the moon will be coming in front of the sun thereby blocking it from view. This is what we call a total solar eclipse.

Whatever state you happen to occupy in the United States, you would be tempted to look at the sun with the right precautionary measures. Astronomers and amateurs will be looking up at the sight in the sky. Although many old wive’s tales have been attached to looking at a solar eclipse, they remain doubtable narratives at best. 

Yet the caveat remains. Never, no matter what, look at the sun with your vision in an unprotected way. It is the ideal destructive remedy that leads to surefire blindness. Your eyesight is Nature’s precious gift. No one would want to lose this vital function which is the most beautiful of the five senses.

In fact, the only time when the sun could be seen is when it is completely covered by the disc of the moon. The sun could cause extensive damage to the retina. The powerful rays of the sun could literally bake your retina to a burnt crisp version of its original self. 

No matter what amount of time you look at the sun, be it 2-3 seconds, it is too much and may result in permanent damage to the eyes. What you need is eclipse glasses to prevent this damage from happening. A regular pair of Ray Ban shades won’t cut it.

Eclipse glasses are guaranteed by an international safety standard. They come at a reasonable cost and some libraries lend them for free as well. Most of them are made of cheap materials as cardboard.Solar filters are 100,000 times darker than standard sunglasses. The problem with sunglasses is that they don’t block out infrared rays. Do not be fooled and use fake sun protection glasses. They will not work out well in the final analysis. 

If you want to watch the solar eclipse by a camera, telescope or binoculars, get a solar filter lens that you place at the end of it so as to protect your eyes. Binoculars are the best when it comes to viewing the solar eclipse. Make sure your solar filter is not cracked or scratched from…

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