Tuesday letters: Christian faith, bicycling, disabilities, insulting letter


Senate Bill 3 is for those persons with human and Christian dignity. Why not use the birth certificates to determine restroom choice? How unscrupulous to trust restroom choice on the mental state of a person when God made male and female?

Christians don’t hate but will stand against any invasions of our Christian biblical principles. The highest law of the land is God’s law; not national, not state, not local laws that were created by man to satisfy his weakness or his sins.


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The biblical law does not have to satisfy us; but if we are to be Christians we must satisfy biblical law (KJV).

Rev. F.N. Williams Sr., pastor, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Two-way street

Regarding “A Pledge to shift gears on cycling safety” (Page A1, Monday), I am happy and willing to abide the laws protecting the safety of cyclists. However, can the same be said for…

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