Twitter 7.2.0 Android Beta Introduces Automatic Night Mode

The 7.2.0 beta build of the Twitter Android app ships with an automatic Night Mode that changes depending on the time of the day, eliminating the need for users to constantly switch between the two. The functionality also resets one’s default Night Mode preferences, and users who have the feature turned on by default are now beeing greeted by the regular light interface and a message asking them whether they want Twitter to automatically change between the two. Regardless of how you answer that query, you’ll be able to change your mind by navigating to the “Display and Sound” section of the app’s Settings menu where Night Mode controls are located. Tapping the relevant option on this screen will present you with a drop-down menu that now contains a new command called “Automatic at sunset.” Just like its name suggests, opting for this behavior will see the app enable the Night Mode just before dusk and disable it at dawn.

The update was designed to expand Twitter’s functionality instead of outright changing it, so users who prefer to have the Night Mode enabled at all times can still do so, and the same goes for those who prefer the light user interface of the regular version of the app. Being part of a new beta build, there’s a possibility that this setting won’t make its way to the stable version of Twitter if the company decides to scrap it for any reason, though that doesn’t seem likely; the San Francisco, California-based social media giant is usually rather quick to test beta features and roll them out worldwide, as evidenced by the swift manner in which Twitter’s major redesign was introduced earlier this month. Refer to the gallery beneath this writing to see how the new Night Mode controls look in practice or follow the Google Play Store link below if you’re participating in Twitter’s beta to try out the feature for yourself.

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