Two charged with murder of man found at U Club apartments

By:Erin Lisch
May 10, 2017

Patrick Burrane and Page Briggs.

Leon County deputies and U.S. marshals arresting two people so far in the murder of Hoyt Birge at a home on Mission Road.

The homeowner 32-year-old Page Briggs and 21-year-old Patrick Berrane.

Neighbors next door to this scene, are still in shock.

Living next door Jean Kellum said, “It’s beyond disconcerting, it’s terrifying.”

Looking over at the home Elondia Porter said, “Scary never though it would happen so close.”

Arrest documents released Wednesday say Birge was allegedly beat with a hammer, shot and put in the trunk of a car.

“Waking up the next morning and seeing all the police, it was just scary,” said Porter.

Also living next door Elicia Porter said, “I don’t want to pass by here, I don’t want to see it here no more.”

That report goes on to say Birge and a friend entered the home Monday night.

At one point, being told to get on the floor.

During a struggle it says Birge reached for a rifle held by Patrick Berrane, then the gun went off.

“It just does not sit right by me knowing someone was killed in the house right there and it’s so close…it brings chills to my body,” said Elicia Porter.

Police later found Birge’s body at the U Club apartments…wrapped in plastic in the car’s trunk.
Neighbors say they just can’t shake the horrific details of that night.

“It’s terrible that things like that change your whole life, but they do! They really do. I can’t behave the same way I did now that these things happened literally right there next to me,” said Kellum.

While two people are now in jail, investigators say they’re still looking for others who may be involved.

The big focus right now for investigators is figuring out the motive of this murder.

By: Erin Lisch
May 10, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — Two suspects have been arrested for the murder of 32-year-old Hoyt Birge.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrests of Patrick M Berrane, 21, and Page Briggs, 33, on Wednesday.

Birge was found dead on Tuesday morning in a vehicle at the U Club apartments on Woodward Avenue in Tallahassee.

According to LCSO, on Monday night, Birge and his friend went to a residence on Mission Road owned by Page Briggs. When they arrived at the residence, they were allowed inside and began to speak with two females in the living room. Shortly after entering the home, four male suspects, all…

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