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United Way says new mental health supports will be available by Jan. 1 in Lebanon County –

The United Way of Lebanon County said Wednesday it has taken a major step toward replacing support services that will be lost with the closing of the Mental Health Association of Lebanon County at the end of the year.

The United Way said it will contribute $52,030 to Compeer, a non-profit which since 1999 has run programs to help people living with mental illness. Since 2015 it has run a program to provide mental health support for veterans. The new funding will be in addition to the $53,490 United Way contributes toward the supports for veterans, which will continue.

The new funding will go toward replacing services including support groups which had long been provided by mental health association. The need arose this fall, after the United Way announced it would no longer fund the association, and the association subsequently said it would close as of Dec. 31 as a…

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