up to 100 Minutes to Call the Philippines with TawagPinas.com Voice Credit Service

International calling credit prize for Filipinos celebrating Mother’s Day with I miss Philippines Facebook community.

I like they way they do business! I feel they are much safer than other companies and very fast! (Stanley Szymanski on Trustpilot.com)

TawagPinas.com.com, the platform dedicated to Filipinos living abroad, celebrates Mother’s Day with a Facebook contest, whose winner will receive $10 Voice Credit balance for international calls to the Philippines or other destination in the world. Participants are only required to leave a comment answering a simple and touchy question: “What did you learn from you mother?” Answers are expected on “I miss Philippines” Facebook page until May 14, 2017: https://www.facebook.com/ImissPhilippines/

The prize consists of free calling minutes worth of $10 Voice Credit for international calls to the Philippines, but not limited to this mere destination. More precisely, 102 minutes to call landlines or 80 minutes to call mobiles there, or a mix of the two at the following rates: 9.5 cents/minute for calls to landlines and 12.5 cents/minute for calls to mobiles.

Everyone is welcome to enter the race: Filipino expats, travellers, foreigners who have a strong connection to the Philippines. What participants in the Mother’s Day contest need to do to enter the race is leave a comment. The challenge is: “What did you learn from your mother?” and TawagPinas.com team hopes to trigger some good impressions from their fans and followers. Comments are expected between May 9-14, 2017. The winner will be picked randomly and announced on May 15, 2017, on the timeline of “I miss Philippines” expat community on Facebook.

The Voice Credit balance from TawagPinas.com never expires and can be used any time, from any country. Plus, there is no expiration date. Moreover, on every purchase, customers get Thank You points (loyalty points) that can be later converted into free calling credit. Those who want to try the service can do it for $2, which means up to 21 minutes to call the Philippines.

TawagPinas.com makes available 2 ways to make international calls using Voice Credit:

-Smartphone users have KeepCalling app ready to install for free from App Store or Google Play. Unlike other services, KeepCalling app does not require that the other has a similar app installed; anyone can call any phone in the world, with no restriction.

-For calls with no Internet connection needed, an Access Number is the ideal solution. The mechanism is simple and is similar to the old school calling card, that is nowadays outdated due to its high rates and device limitations.

The Voice Credit on TawagPinas.com has been perfected per Filipinos feedback in the last 10 years:

-The service is easy…

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