US Backing for ‘Nontraditional’ Families at UN Conference Raises Eyebrows

The Trump administration’s stance on United Nations social policy so far is strikingly similar to the Obama administration’s, a leading conservative group that defends religious freedom says.

Alliance Defending Freedom International, the global wing of the U.S.-based Christian legal aid group, faults the administration specifically for voting against a “Protection of the Family” resolution during a June meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The U.S. vote was determined in part because the resolution didn’t directly address same-sex couples and other nontraditional families.

“It is disappointing that the United States is continuing to champion a controversial agenda with regard to the family at the U.N.,” Rubén Navarro, senior U.N. counsel in Geneva for ADF International, told The Daily Signal in an email statement Thursday.

The State Department contends it is committed to protecting all vulnerable groups, including those who are gay or transgender, and was concerned that the U.N. resolution recognized the family unit at the expense of individual rights.

However, one conservative noted that Trump has yet to appoint a new ambassador in Geneva, a post now held on an interim basis by a career diplomat.

The U.S. asserted at the Human Rights Council gathering that the “United Nations must consider all types of loving families,” including same-sex couples.

ADF International’s Navarro said:

The U.S. refused to support the resolution on the protection of the family simply because it did not include explicit support for households headed by same-sex couples. In doing so, it has missed an invaluable opportunity to speak up for the family on the international stage, and the new government should assess whether it wants to continue with the previous administration’s position on this matter.

That’s not how the U.S. team saw it.

“The United States is disappointed to have to vote against the resolution before us today,” Jason Mack, a career diplomat and U.S. representative to the Human Rights Council, said in a written explanation of the June 22 vote, adding:

We agree with the sentiment in the resolution that recognizes the important role that families play in society. We also appreciate the emphasis on the human rights of older persons in this resolution. However, the United States believes that discussions at the United Nations must consider all types of loving families that exist today, be those families headed by one mother…

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