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Vegetarian restaurants depict Indian culture

Food is a popular way of representing a country, region and locality. For example, initially a burger was a beef Pattie wedged between buns. Innovation provided an edge to new establishments and then people were exposed to the Burger King, McDonalds etc. Earlier, food preparations meant arranging simple ingredients and mixing them to cook something aromatic. Today the primary feature of cooking is presentation while flavour has become secondary aspect.  

In these modern times, cooking is a fusion of complicated as well as simplified techniques. Proportions are valued while quantity is ignored. Traditional food is the portrayal of true flavours and essence of a particular region. Indian food is a mesh-mash of spices, herbs, vegetables, oil  and butter with a hint of sourness to create an aromatic and luscious meal. The word tradition is re-defined by every region because each part of India defines tradition and culture in its own distinctive way. Every state is known for its aboriginal cuisine that has one primal and active ingredient. Foodies are inclined and have affinity towards regional produce because of their rustic culinary skills.

Vegetarian restaurants are the perfect place to taste and savour pure vegetarian delicacies in India. The cooks at the restaurant try their best to make the food taste like homemade delicacies. Vegetarian food is a unique combination of spices, vegetables, herbs and regional condiments. Together, these ingredients create an assortment of dishes that is healthy and full flavoured. Vegetarian food is an example of how vegetables can be used to create more intense flavours than that of its counterpart, non-vegetarian food. Indian cuisine has gained popularity across the globe. There is no person who is unfamiliar with ‘Kadhai Paneer’. Indian food is known to create an outburst of flavours and aromas with every morsel. Abroad, Indian vegetarian restaurants replace meat with Goat cheese and soya to replicate similar taste and…

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