Vie Belles Announces the Launch of its Innovative Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board

From professional chefs to the most basic of cooking novices, genuine foodies know that the key to amazing meals comes with fresh ingredients and high-quality kitchen utensils.

Our products combine ultra-modern technology with ancient tradition and craftsmanship which assures the ideal solution which every chef is looking for out there.

Mr. Farzan Samsamy, the CEO and founder of Vie Belles today is extremely excited to announce the launch of the company’s kitchen Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board; the most recent invention and creativity in kitchen and housewares. The Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board are specifically designed to offer the users quality and lasting kitchen tools that are vital for a better and fashionable cooking experience thereby allowing them to be more creative & versatile in the kitchen.

Vie Belles is a Canadian based kitchen and housewares company established with the primary aim of ensuring that its valued customers get the most innovative and high quality household products leveraging on years of experience in design, manufacturing, quality assurance and production management. In the bid to achieve this commendable primary aim, the kitchen and housewares company gathered the most talented and qualified professionals coupled with the most sophisticated materials and advanced technology in the design and manufacturing industry.

Through a perfect blend of expertise, ancient tradition and craftsmanship, sophisticated materials and cutting edge technology, the team at Vie Belles has earned a standing reputation in the design and delivery of the most fascinating and fashionable kitchen and housewares to its esteemed customers leading their satisfaction as well as positive feedback and referral. The products of the kitchen and housewares company are born out of simple concepts of centuries of tradition, technology, design, and craftsmanship.

Today, Vie Belles has announced its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the mass production of the kitchen Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board. According to Mr. Farzan Samsamy the CEO and founder of Vie Belles “we are highly delighted that after months of hard work in designing the prototype, the crowdfunding campaign for our ‘Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board’ is finally live and running on Kickstarter. We think crowdfunding is a better way to bring products to life, for companies, customers, and the world at large”.

Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects established with the mission of bringing creative projects to life. It is the ideal platform to launch the Luxury Chef’s Knife & Everyday Cutting Board…

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