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WESTMINSTER – A nonprofit that took in dozens of ailing French and English bulldogs that were seized from a suspected breeder will accept applications for their adoption starting on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Westminster Adoption Group and Services received 78 bulldogs from a Westminster breeder who had kept the animals in squalor, with every one of the animals suffering some kind of ailment, said Cortney Dorney, the shelter manager for WAGS.

The bulldogs were signed over to the shelter by the owner on Friday, allowing the adoptions to proceed.

Because the animals are expensive to care for, the shelter will do a type of credit check to ensure the new owners can pay for the extensive medical care they could need in their lifetimes; WAGS, which is the official shelter for the cities of Westminster and Stanton, has never included this step before in the adoption process.

“Everyone is eligible,” Dorney said. “(But) we want to be sure the dogs can be paid for long-term. They come with a variety of medical conditions for their entire life. … We want to be sure people can afford to buy these dogs.”

French and English bulldogs typically have chronic skin conditions, are highly allergic and get repeat ear and eye infections because of how those body parts are formed; they also get respiratory infections.

Since news of the dogs Nov. 6 confiscation broke, Dorney has fielded hundreds of calls from those interested in adopting and has posted signs and changed the nonprofit’s voicemail to turn people away until a full assessment could be done on the animals.

“We could have adopted these dogs out 10 times by now,” she said.

Typically, the trendy dogs sell for upward of $3,500. WAGS’ adult dogs will be made available for $500, with puppies under eight months old costing $800.

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