WATCH: The diamonds of Africa

DURBAN – The biggest diamond from the mines of Sierra Leone has been sold. 

There are many other diamonds from Africa that have been sold or been set in jewellery for famous people including Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancé, whose engagement ring has a diamond from Botswana. 

Here we look at the biggest diamonds from African mines and where they are in the world.

Sierra Leone Peace Diamond

This diamond is 709 carats and was discovered in March this year. Villagers took the diamond to the national government and then the government arranged to have the diamond be auctioned. Laurence Graff, a big jewellery company won the bid in New York on Monday. The diamond fetched a price of $6,5 million.. Some people think that the price fell short of what the price might actually rise to.

The Amsterdam Diamond

This diamond is black in colour and was unearthed in South Africa in 1972. The diamond was sold to D. Drukker & Son in 1972 who polished and cut the diamond. The diamond was transformed from its rough cut of 55,85 carat to a 33,74 carat diamond that had a pear shape. This diamond has 145 facets. It was auctioned off by Christie’s for $352000 in 2001. This diamond has been set in a pendant with 15 brilliant diamonds.

The Centenary Diamond

This diamond had a rough cut weight of 599 carats but was later transformed into a 273,85 carat diamond. it was discovered using an electric X-ray system at the Premier Mine. The diamond has been given the highest grade of  a colourless diamond by the Gemological Institute of America, grade D. The diamond was displayed in rough on May 18, 1988 at the De Beers Consolidated Mines Centenary Celebration and the final cut revealed two years later. The current owner of the diamond is unknown and the De Beers have been tight lipped about the ownership of the diamond. 

Lesedi La Rona

Lesedi La Rona is a colourless diamond that was discovered in Botswana two years ago. It is the second largest gem quality diamond ever discovered. The rough cut of the is diamond is 1109 carats and was sold to Laurence Graff $53 million. 

Millennium Star

The Millennium Star was discovered in 1990 in Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The diamond is the second largest known grade D, colourless stone in the world.The diamond was 777 carats in its rough cut form and is now 273,85 carat. The final cut is a pear shaped diamond. The diamond is owned by the De Beers. 


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