What Causes Teen Hair Loss

Hair loss and partial baldness are conditions that we normally associate with adults. However, it is not uncommon for teenagers to lose it. This is not always a reason to panic, but it is a sign that something is going on. It can mean that a person is sick, is receiving medical treatment that causes hair loss, or it can be mean that they do not have a healthy balanced diet. Teenagers can even lose their hair if they have a certain hairstyle that pulls on, such as braids or hair extensions. Losing it can be a stressful time for a teenager, especially as your personal appearance is important during this time – but it can be corrected. The most important things to be done are identifying the cause of the hair loss, so that a cure can be found.

The most common cause of baldness is androgenic alopecia, affecting two-thirds of the male population in America and the U.K. It is most common among males over fifty; however it may still affect teenagers. Treatments are available, and it is worth contacting your doctor immediately to discuss your options. A specific type of androgenic alopecia is known as female pattern hair loss that can affect teenage girls following puberty. If more scalp is visible when styling hair it is more than likely that they suffer from this. Female pattern hair loss is usually triggered by stress and nutritional neglect. Proactively practicing a better diet and stress management will be beneficial. However, as mentioned above, book an appointment with your doctor immediately and discuss possible treatments.  It may not necessarily be on your head or just on your head – if this sounds similar you may be suffering for alopecia areata. This is treatable and affects many, over 1-2% of teenagers globally suffering from this.

Another common cause of thinning among teenagers is traction alopecia, which occurs when an unnatural amount of tension is used for prolonged periods of time. This is most likely to be the cause if you are a regular user of hair extensions or often have your braided or weaved. The good news however is that this cause is behavioural and can be stopped and possible reversed through identifying the cause and ceasing it. Hair loss around the eyelashes and eyebrows is similar to traction alopecia and known as unconscious hair pulling and plucking. This is often caused by over-grooming and following the steps mentioned above should put an end to this.

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