What You Learn Making a Film About Black Mental Health – VICE

Keith Dube, host of Being Black, Going Crazy?

This post first appeared on VICE UK.

It took a few years to hit breaking point. In January 2015, when Keith Dube was 25, he decided to finally share his struggles with mental health, in the simplest way people have used for the past decade: a blogpost. He wrote about his depression, and coming to terms with his illness enough to face it head-on. But, unlike most people, within a year his stream-of-consciousness blog ended up leading him towards making a film for the BBC.

“I wrote a little blog that I promoted through my Instagram and everything, and the response to that was insane,” he says now. “I’ve gotten a crazy amount of people messaging me, talking about how they’re going through it or how they didn’t think that someone ‘like me’ – a confident, out-spoken person – could have issues like that. That’s when I realised that…

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