Which Industry Will Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Next?

Machine learning is becoming more prevalent than ever before and is slowly integrating into our daytoday lives. From maximizing efficiency in the workplace to better understanding how consumers emotionally connect to brands, services and products, the applications of artificial intelligence seem limitless. But some industries have been quicker than others to adopt this frontier technology.

Since major shifts can be disruptive, planning ahead can help avoid some of the growing pains. That’s why I asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council:

What industry do you think AI technology will disrupt next?

Their best answers are below:

1. Forecasting

The analysis is supposed to be what humans bring to data, but programs are getting better and better at identifying trends before a human would have noticed them. By identifying and targeting trends, AI will be able to effectively establish business plans. How much longer before AI is being trusted in long-term planning decisions? How much longer before AI is the most prescient member of a team? – Adam SteeleThe Magistrate


2. Customer Service

AI’s abilities have already grown beyond answering simple text questions: It can now fully interact with humans, giving customers a faster, sometimes more accurate response. With how fast this is already happening, one would have to think that the customer service industry is about to be greatly disrupted. – Abhilash PatelRecovery Brands


3. Education

I think AI will change how schools create curriculums and teach students, who all learn in different ways. The same patterns used to identify behaviors and differences in other industries will be used to understand how each student learns so that customized teaching methods can be easily deployed. – John RamptonDue


4. Finance

Why do you need to pay a management fee for something that AI can do and oftentimes perform better than a human can? AI has the potential to eliminate the financial advisor and finally give you unbiased advice, where you can choose your level of risk for your investments without the fees tied to it. – Alex ChamberlainEasyLiving


5. Foodservice

We are already seeing bars that are self-serve and fast food joints that use automated methods of cooking food. As this expands, it’ll change the foodservice industry as we know it. – Renato LibricBouxtie Inc


6. Personalized Health Care

AI can take out the guessing game most…

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