Why Learning People Wince At Talk Of "Classroom Flipping" – Inside Higher Ed (blog)

Why do my learning friends (faculty and non-faculty educators alike) wince when I say the words “flipped classroom”?

I’ve been saying flipped classroom for years now, and it seems only recently that saying these words exposes me as terminally pedagogically uncool.

Talking about the flipped classroom may not be as bad as saying the Netflix, Uber, Airbnb or Pokemon GO of education (thank you Michael Feldstein for that warning!) – but I’m seeing weak signals that we might be on the same linguistic trajectory.

Then again, the coolest educators on the planet – that same-self Michael Feldstein and his partner in crime Phil Hill – have made a must watch/share 3 minute and 27 video that talks about flipping the class. (As well as learning analytics and adaptive learning). Check it out at Personalized Learning: Three Ideas for Your Class

So maybe my colleagues only wince…

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