Why the Future of Adult Learning Is Mobile Learning – Inside Higher Ed (blog)

Is the future of learning mobile? Maybe, maybe not.

Traditional postsecondary digital education has not yet lived up to the mobile promise. Over half (56.5%) of Facebook users may login only from a mobile device, but we are no where close to that percentage with campus learning management system (LMS) use. 

When it comes to edtech, we still seem to be stuck in a web-first – as opposed to mobile-first – world.

Adult learning may be different.

I’m here to say that the future of adult learning is mobile learning.

I say this with some degree of confidence – as over the past 6 months I have watched my wife study for a high-stakes professional exam on her iPhone.

Is it fair to predict the future of an entire educational sector based on observations from a single data point?  Sure.

Should legacy publishing and edtech companies be building mobile-first (or mobile only) educational…

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