WiFi Calling Leader Republic Wireless Aims to Minimize Smartphone Addiction for Families with New Products

More than a kid tracker, Relay by Republic Wireless is a super powered WiFi and 4G LTE “walkie talkie” that helps keep families connected without all the distractions of screens.

“Digital distraction – it’s real, and it’s become a massive problem in today’s society. I am a father as are many employees. While we are eager to be able to locate and communicate with our kids, we also don’t want them to be exposed to the dangers and distractions of open access to the Internet.”

WiFi calling innovator Republic Wireless today announced two new screenless devices – Relay and Anywhere HQ – created to simplify communications for families. The solution is the culmination of a multi-year investment that leverages Republic’s software, cloud service and extensive WiFi-cellular integration know how to help families to manage their increasingly complex communications life and stay connected on their terms.

Relay – Relay is a screenless mobile device built to give families a safe and fun way to stay connected with each other and close friends, but without the risk associated with open access to the Internet. This smart “walkie talkie” connects instantly over both 4G LTE and WiFi networks so it works in the back yard, down the street or even across the country. Relay also gives parents the ability to locate their children via a companion app for both Android and iOS devices. Relay is durable, water-resistant and includes Google Assistant, music, and games providing fun and learning for kids.

Anywhere HQ – Part of Republic’s Anywhere product-line, HQ is a voice-activated smart speaker phone designed for communications first. Enabled with Google Assistant, HQ also allows you to make and receive phone calls, dial 9-1-1 and seamlessly extends your mobile phone number into a speaker that keeps you connected but not tethered to your smartphone. Unlike other smart speakers, HQ is mobile – lift off the dock and it works like a phone and allows private conversations. It has 4G LTE connectivity and several day battery life, allowing you to go beyond WiFi while staying connected.

“When we launched Republic in 2011, we were on a mission to use a WiFi first approach to end the domination of the smartphone on…

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