Women recreate their acne into art for Teen Vogue

Women are reinventing what it means to have acne, by turning their blemishes into beautiful art, from painted constellations to faux freckles.

French illustrator Izumi Tutti made headlines when she began to sketch constellations on her face, connecting each of her pimples in order to form stunning figures and patterns with vibrant blue eyeliner.

And now, the body positive teenager has inspired other women to follow suit.

Flower child: Three women turn their acne into art, inspired by French artist Izumi Tutti

Galaxy glam: The models followed Izumi’s design of creating constellations out of face spots

Celestial cover-up: French illustrator Izumi Tutti posts flicks like this one on her Instagram where she repurposes blemishes into dainty figures and constellation art

In a shoot for Teen Vogue, three young women bravely ditched their make-up and bared their blemishes for an empowering shoot, which saw their acne turned into beautifully intricate pieces of art, using everything from flowers to paint to eyeliner. 

Posing both as a trio and individually, the models proudly put their skin on show without any cosmetics to cover up their spots and scars – instead putting them on full display in a very artistic manner. 

One image from the shoot, which was done by photographer Rebekah Campbell, sees one of the girls, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Kiersten, modeling a bright blue Izumi-inspired constellation on her left cheek and above her right brow in a celestial display, using her skin as a canvas for the star-focused design.

The second look in the shoot combined festival-esque face art with a more personal touch. 

This time, one of the models, Ariona, used some colorful stickers, the kind that once plastered lockers and diaries, to decorate her face.  

Flower power: Others dispersed stickers onto and in between blemishes for a festival look

Fabulous freckles: Following the faux freckles trend, one model painted them on using white eye liner to not only hide, but blend in her spots with the blushing dots

Au Naturale: The girls even dotted their faces with wild flowers in an organic art statement

She dotted tiny pictures of little red, yellow and pink flowers onto her face, sometimes on her blemishes, and other times not, creating a garden on her right…

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