Workit Health Partners with Parasail Health To Help Patients Ease Financial Burden Of Opioid Addiction Treatment Costs

Workit Health, the world’s first online addiction care company, has announced a partnership with Parasail Health, a medical payment plan provider set out to make healthcare more affordable. The two companies are working together to make opioid addiction treatment more affordable and accessible for all, as a direct response to the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation.

With nearly 100 Americans dying every day from opioid addiction and overdoses, affordable and science-backed treatment programs may not be available for the many who continue to struggle with opioid addiction. Beginning December 2017, anyone who joins Workit Health’s clinic program will be eligible to apply for a zero percent interest, fixed rate payment plan through Parasail Health. Qualified users will be able to pay as low as $35 per month for a four-month plan with Workit Clinic, or $50 per month for a six-month plan. “Our goal is to meet the user where they are, and to make addiction treatment affordable and accessible to all,” says Robin McIntosh, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Workit Health. “We’re so excited to be able to offer ProPatient by Parasail to our patients, to help them get the personalized care that they deserve. We all deserve a chance to heal; this is the only way our country can overcome this epidemic.”

“We started Parasail so that patients could afford needed care immediately,” commented Adam Tibbs, Parasail’s CEO. “Partnerships with providers like Workit Health who are tackling big health issues facing thousands of people is exactly what we had in mind, and we’re excited to help support their mission.”

This partnership will enable anyone struggling with opioid addiction a better chance at receiving treatment, therapy, and aftercare, through Workit Health’s online program with 24/7 access and telehealth.

Workit Clinic patients who qualify for the Parasail ProPatient program will be able to:

  • Receive 0% interest, fixed rate payment plan with flexible monthly payments for Workit Clinic
  • Choose a 4 or 6-month treatment program and apply for payments spread out up to 36 months
  • Manage all payments online with 24/7 access

The Parasail ProPatient payment plan will be available to anyone who applies and is approved for the pay-over-time option from Workit Clinic. Workit Clinic is…

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